Barry Jazz Finnegan

Exhibit located in the common area across from the Lincoln Center Gallery

This is going to be an absolute treat for you and your family to visit Barry’s booth Friday, Saturday and Sunday to keep checking on the progression of his work while you try to guess what famous musician, historian, world leader, actor or character he is bringing to life with his very unique gift of portraying others with his charcoal. We invite you to visit Barry's Facebook page to see more of his fabulous works all which are available for purchase and Barry will ship his prints worldwide.

Each one of Barry's drawing takes him anywhere between 8 to 20 hours to complete using only his smartphone for reference as he draws his subject!

From Dublin, Ireland

Self taught artist specializing in photorealism with charcoal on a large scale.

Award-winning artist specializing in large scale charcoal portraits.

IBAM "Artist Of The Year" 2014