Colorado Emerald Society Pipe Band🍀

Performs Saturday & Sunday, Outdoors (TBA)

Colorado Emerald Society Pipe BandThe Colorado Emerald Society Pipe Band is a volunteer organization associated with the non-profit group Colorado Emerald Society. The band is comprised of members of the fire service and law enforcement communities dedicated to honoring OUR FALLEN, and preserving the Celtic heritage of our professions. Our current roster has over 70 members representing over two dozen public safety agencies.

The association of bagpipes with law enforcement and fire departments in the United States can be attributed to Irish immigrants who filled the ranks of the early public safety departments. Those immigrants brought many of their traditions to the United States, including their music. The prevalence of the Irish in the early history of American law enforcement and fire service brought together the well-known association of the bagpipe with our professions.

The primary purpose of the band is to be available to honor fallen firefighters and law enforcement officers. We also play numerous performances, fundraisers and memorials throughout the year. The Colorado Emerald Society Pipe Band participates annually in the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial at Camp George West, Colorado Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Lakewood and the IAFF National Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Colorado Springs.


The mission and values of the Colorado Emerald Society Pipe Band are to develop and maintain a band that is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and musical quality. The band’s commitment to excellence will be guided by the understanding that it represents not only the Colorado Emerald Society, but all Colorado Public Safety Professionals.

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