Tickets and Festival Hours 🍀

All tickets purchased at the Festival entry gates

Friday August 3:   5 – 6pm
A very special one hour tribute and meet & greet with The Young Dubliners from 5pm-6pm, buy their CDs, take your picture with the band. Save $ on Friday opening night entry fees by coming at 5pm and don’t miss out!
5 – 6pm Only
Friday August 3:   6 – 11pm $8
Children 10 and under Free
Saturday August 4:   11am – 11pm

Children 10 and under Free

Sunday August 5:   10am – 7pm

Children 10 and under Free


Festival Map

Click Here to download festival map.


Rocky Mountain Irish Gathering is Green!

Think Green! Ride Max or your bike to the Irish Gathering. Make good use of our recycling receptacles on the festival grounds and help to reduce the impact of the festival on our environment. Thank you for your help!

If you ride your bike to the festival, there will be bike racks in the nearby parking lots near the main gate to lock up your bike.



PLEASE place all plastic containers into the recycling receptacles throughout the festival.



☑ Alcohol (except products for sale on festival grounds)
☑ Bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, hoverboards, etc. inside Festival
☑ Marijuana
☑ Fireworks, Firearms, Knives of any kind
☑ Glass bottles and cans
☑ Hard-sided coolers
☑ Peddling or soliciting inside Festival grounds
☑ Pets of any kind except service dogs
☑ Smoking unless at designated “Smoking Areas”
☑ Soft-sided insulated bags larger than standard 6-pack
For the safety of our festival guests bags may be subject to search upon entry.
If a patron brings any item onto the festival grounds which later is deemed a nuisance or danger to others, he/she must remove the item from the property upon request.