Colm O'Brien & Martin Butler

~ In the Magnolia Theatre ~

Friday & Saturday, 1:15-2:15pm

Experience through songs, poems, and stories the most transformative decade in Irish history presented by Dublin City’s Colm O’Brien and Tipperary's Martin Butler.

The First Lecture (on Saturday August 12 at 3pm) will take you from the formation of the Irish Volunteers and the Dublin Labor Lockout of 1913 to the upheaval of World War I to The Easter Rising of 1916, as well as the subsequent executions that took place after. This lecture will feature works from Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh, Joseph Plunkett, James Connolly, and W.B Yeats. 

The Second Lecture (on Sunday August 13 at 3pm) will take you from the aftermath of the 1916 Rebellion, the rise in Irish Nationalism, the rise of Sinn Fein, the collapse of the Irish Parliamentary Party leading up to The War of Independence in 1919 up to 1922, and the treaty that divided the country and lead to civil war. This lecture will feature the words and works of Patrick Pearse, Francis Ledwidge, Micheal Collins, Dominic Behan, and James Stephens.

Each lecture and performance will be approximately 50 minutes in length and will feature a Question and Answer session following the presentation. 

Colm O’Brien and Martin Butler 

Colm O’Brien was born in Dublin and, from a very early age, was immersed in the rich history of the city. He is the grandson of legendary fiddler May Keogh O’Brien. His father, grandfather, great grandfather, and great uncles were members of the famed Fintan Lalor Pipe Band. The band, also known as the band of the Irish Citizen Army, was founded by James Connolly in 1912 as a spearhead of the flourishing labor/nationalist movement.

Colm has often been invited to perform his “1916 Songs and Stories” presentation in which he explores the history of the Rising through the music and poetry of those who lived through Easter Week. He brings a unique perspective to the historic events that shaped Irish history in its more transformative decade.

Martin Butler hails from Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. He has given many lectures on Irish history with a particular focus on the life of poet and patriot Thomas MacDonagh, who was also born and raised in his hometown of Cloughjordan. 

Martin has worked extensively with the Thomas MacDonagh Museum in Ireland and has been invited to give many talks on the Easter Rising, The Irish in World War I, and the influence of poetry, music and song on Ireland’s political history.

Colm and Martin have worked together on several historical albums including “Thomas MacDonagh: Poet and Patriot”, “Poets in the Trenches”, and “The Woodland’s Edge”. They are currently working on an album featuring the poetry of Francis Ledwidge on the Easter Rebellion of 1916.