Welcome to the 2023 Rocky Mountain Irish Gathering!

There are no fees for Vendors in 2023 as we are celebrating our return and want everyone involved to be successful. You will be responsible for a 15% sales commission fee paid to The Lincoln Center If you wish to be a participant at The Gathering.

The application deadline is April 15, 2023. You may apply by 1) filling out the form below and clicking Submit; or 2) downloading the vendor app here (Word doc) or here (PDF), then fill it out and submit via email or fax to 970-535-4999. RMIG will review all submissions and inform the vendors that were selected no later than May 15, 2023.

Tables needed must be reserved on the application. All Exhibitors must stay within the designated space marked by RMIG. Exhibitors are allowed to place tents into The Canyon West Ballroom: 10' x 10',  10' x 20' or 20 x 20 based on spaced availability or you may set up with just tables which we will provide. RMIG will make all final determinations regarding booth placement.

Exhibitors will supply RMIG a list of all items intended for sale or display at the festival. RMIG has the right to disallow any item or items from being available at the Gathering. If you are selected, please send RMIG a photo of your booth set-up so that we can promote your business on our Facebook page. Email picture to info@rockymountainirishgathering.com

There will be designated areas for food & beverage booths outside and for exhibitor booths inside. RMIG will provide security and trash removal throughout the event. Exhibitors will be expected to help keep the area around their booths clean and free of debris.